Criminal Defense

Facing any type of criminal charges in Michigan is very intimidating and a conviction can dramatically change your life. A conviction could result in a number of problems including work-related issues, problems locating housing and even problems with family members. You need a criminal defense attorney who will aggressively fight the charges against you and preserve your name and your freedom.

Types of Criminal Defense Charges

Crimes in Michigan, like most other states are broken into categories of misdemeanors and felonies. While misdemeanor charges are generally not as serious as a felony charge, a conviction may still result in jail time and steep fines. Some of the crimes we can help defend against include:

  • Assault – threatening to hit someone can result in your facing charges, even if blows were not exchanged. Assault charges can be lodged after a loud argument or when someone believes they have been threatened.
  • Personal Protection Orders – we understand that restraining orders are sometimes filed out of spite and have no basis in reality. Unfortunately, these orders can keep you from seeing your children or returning to your home.  You need to work with a criminal defense attorney to fight these orders.
  • Drug Crimes – minor possession charges can land you in jail and also result in a loss of your ability to own a firearm for extended periods of time. Depending on the amount of drugs the officer believes you were in possession of, you could also face more serious charges of distribution.
  • Probation Violations – violating a probation order can result in steep fines and potentially jail time. Conditions of probation vary depending on the crime but generally they will include avoiding alcohol and may even prevent you from seeing certain people. A probation violation should be challenged aggressively.

When you are facing criminal charges, it is never a good idea to take them lightly. Even if you feel you have done nothing wrong, it is imperative to contact a criminal defense attorney in Michigan immediately after being told what charges you are facing. Only an aggressive defense can help protect your name and prevent you from facing fines and potential jail time.

If you are facing any criminal offense charges, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney who understands Michigan laws.

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